10 fashion trends that came in vogue in the year 2020

Fashion trends can be likened to a revolving circle with absolutely no end. Trends that have gone out of vogue in years past seem to be making their way back into the scene with full force.

In the year 2020, there has been a major comeback of fashion trends especially from the 90s and we have decided to curate our top ten Fashion trends from nearly two decades ago that are now back in vogue.


This year the female mules made a major comeback into the fashion scene. It is quite everywhere and everyone fashionista is expected to own a mule. However, the history of mules can be traced far back into the 60s and it was a footwear loved by women of class. Your grandmother would have owned one.

Shoulder bags

Owning a Shoulder bag was a must for the fashionable 80s woman and this year the shoulder bag is already becoming a very essential item in a fashionable woman’s closet.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants (O’Neill)

If you happen to love the 90s jams, there is a high probability that you would have seen those music stars rocking big pants with lots of pockets. And now, it is back and better. The Cargo pants is now worn by celebrities like Kanye West, Fireboy, Davido to mention a few. Just in case you don’t own one, you really should consider getting it.

Victorian tops

Remember those tops with puffy sleeves worn by 70s women? They are back with full force.

Yeezy boots

Yeezy boots (StockX)

These boots were a major thing in the 90s, they were worn on dresses, shorts, skirts etc. The boots are back , bigger and better.

Unconventional Gele styles

Unconventional Gele styles (Koko Brides)

Now anyhow you tie your scarf is a style and this didn’t just start, it dates way back to the 90s.

Oversized shorts and jeans

Oversized shorts and jeans (Pinterest)

Who remembers Notorious BIG’s style. Baggy jeans and a sleeveless shirt. Yeah, it is back.

Bucket hats

Bucket Hats (Quiksilver)

This year, we personally saw a lot of Bucket hats and we thought they were new until we saw a 90s video and they all adorned bucket hats.

Bell pants

Bell pants (Made in China.com)

Have you seen your parents’ throwback pictures, when they were in their 20s and 30s, if they were quite big on fashion, we are sure you should have seen them rock those trousers with wide mouths? Those are bell pants and they are currently in vogue.


Durags (Amazon)

Durags are very much loved and this year we definitely saw a lot of them around. Especially in the Big brother Naija house, housemates like Neo and Prince made it a duty to bless our eyes with colourful durags. In case you didn’t know, Durags are not new fashion inventions, they have been present since way back in the 90s.

What other trend are you adding to this list?

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