Work outfit inspiration for every man

There has always been a certain misconception that guys do not have the luxury of variety when it comes to work clothes but that is far from true and we have come to debunk it. Not only can guys decide to spice up their work outfits, they can deviate totally from the norm.

Grab a piece of pen and paper and jot things down as we bring to you a list of outfits you can draw inspiration from;

If you are going to be classy gentlemen, this is for you. Wear a nice shirt and trousers and throw in a blazer for extra effects. Voila! You are good to go.

The Gentleman Goals

Smart Casual

You want to be laid back and still not get sacked?? No problem, this one is just right for you. A pair of jeans and a tailored shirt. Who will hold you when you have tucked in your Shirt😂😂

The Techie Guys

Techies🥰 This one is for you. We realize that just maybe you don’t like the conventional shirt and trousers but you still want to look good. A combination of a denim shirt on trousers is just perfect for the casual feel that is associated with what you do.

The Badass Gentleman

You are a slay papi and you want to show that off within the context of your workplace, this is for you. This look isn’t too much for work and you still get to show off your dopeness.

The Modern man

You don’t like stress and you want to look good? This one is for you. All that this look needs is a pair of retro or vintage shirts and well-tailored trousers.

Which of these looks are you trying out?

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