6 simple ways to get rid of that stubborn zit

There’s no bad feeling that equals waking up to see fresh breakouts on your face. You’d probably groan and say “Not again!’ Or you might even get right to work by trying to squeeze and press the irritating zit out of your face. 

But, what if we asked you to stop digging holes in your face? We will, knowing that you’re causing more harm than good. No matter how addictive it might be, trust me it never ends well. See ways for you to get rid of it fast without leaving the telltale black spots.

Ice the pimple

This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pimple(s) – also the cheapest. If you’re dealing with a swollen pimple on your face, that’s also causing you pain, all you need is to wrap an ice cube in a light cloth and place it over the spot for three to five minutes. Repeat exercise throughout the day to reduce swelling.

Apply a paste made of crushed Aspirin

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is one of the top fighters of acne. When you apply a paste of aspirin, it immediately removes the excess oil and skin while reducing swelling and redness.

Don’t pick your face

When you pick your face, you’re actually giving your face more trauma to deal with. And, it leads to inflammation, infection and potentially a scar. In fact, in trying to get rid of your spots, you’ll be creating a bigger problem by leaving a black spot behind.

Tone down on the toner

When you have breakouts, it will be advisable to skip the affected part when doing your skincare routine because any astringents can disrupt the skin barrier and cause inflammation and irritation.

So unless you have a very oily skin, skip that pimple completely.

Don’t lose track of your trigger foods

You need to keep tabs on certain foods that trigger breakouts on your face. For some, it is groundnut and oily foods. For others, don’t even get affected by ground nuts. So keep tabs on the food which makes you break out all of a sudden so you can avoid them.

Don’t be too open to suggestions

It can be comforting to see people show concern, and offer you all sort of remedies that they’ve probably used in the past to treat theirs or family members’.

Those suggestions rarely work, because skin types differ and they end up making your face look worse.

Pimples and acne is certainly not the end of the world. For some people, it comes and goes while for others it is a daily battle. Whichever way, don’t lose hope or feel bad when you see people with smooth and clear skin, it’s a daily process. Even most importantly don’t allow it to ruin your self-esteem.

Our imperfections and flaws are all that make us beautiful.

by Christiana Jayeoba

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