Anti-bucket list – six things young people should avoid doing

Adventure is a top priority during your teen and post-teenage years. Boring or interesting, introvert or extrovert, if you don’t explore in more ways than you think you can, you have definitely wasted a better part of your life – maybe arguably. But, during this time, because adolescence and adulthood are just too exciting, many young people make so many mistakes.

This is the time when we decide what we want to become. It is a stage of growth and development – where we grow wings and spread our tentacles as far as they can reach. It is also a time when we dig and spread our roots beneath unstable soil to make firm anchorage.

It’s also a defining moment in our careers. So, as we travel the world and find out what the world can offer, there are mistakes we should avoid.

In this article, we are going to outline some of the mistakes we make and dispositions we need to unlearn. Let’s learn together:

School is not ‘scam’ but you cannot automatically get rich from school

Most young people think an education translates to automatic wealth; they will hardly believe it does not. ‘So, why did I now go to school?’ They will ask. Maybe it’s not their fault actually; maybe we should blame the educational system. If it going to burst a bubble, education can never give you the wealth you so desire. Sadly, we were never taught how to make wealth in school. If you ever heard of the school of hard knocks, it will interest you to know that this becomes even more real after schooling. It’s an ever learning process, we must keep learning every day. The “real world” is quite different from the university system. Successful people keep learning even decades after they left school. And instead of following their footsteps, many young people will rather lax and continue to shift blames and eventually go into depression, poverty and an unfulfilled life.

Whatever you want to be or achieve in life, somebody else has been there before: learn from such people. Develop yourself not just in academics but in other spheres of life.

Young people invest without research

Many times, young people delve into something they have no clue about. They do this because they see their peers excelling in that corner and want to do same. They fail to invest time and understand what exactly they are about to go into. Why do you want this? Why do you want that? If these questions are answered correctly and sincerely most issues in your life would be settled.

It is too common that young people spend too much on ‘wants

We mentioned at the beginning that young people should be adventurous. But, we did not mention that it is not all that okay to want to feel among. Young people are more likely to run after fashion, fun, style, extravagant lifestyle and many more. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable and buying the latest iPhones except that, it’s making you poorer. As a young person your long term goal ought to be, how to build a long-lasting financial goal, and to do this you must learn the habit of saving and learning about investing wisely. You can own or have anything you ever desire, but that’s when you have built something.

Young people blame their parents for their predicament

It will interest you to know that your parents owe you nothing. You will argue that they brought you to this life, but you need to realise that they have done the best they know how to do. If you think their best is rather dull, fix the situation yourself. Don’t sit back brooding over spoilt milk and expect your parents to give you the world on a platter. Your family background doesn’t define you. Think about this, if you don’t strive hard to put an end to that poverty and mediocrity running in your family, it will get passed down to the next generation, and your kids will find it so much difficult.

The saving culture among young people is absent

Young people hardly understand what prudent spending is. The money comes and finishes almost in an instant. Talk about funding an exorbitant lifestyle. No matter how easy the money comes, being able to account for it is paramount. It’s a skill that every young person aspiring to be successful must master. Don’t be extravagant in spending, build your savings, and invest for your future: you are not going to be spoon-fed forever, take charge of your life, save more than you spend. Save for investment and emergencies.

Young people are usually easily swayed

We must admit that there aren’t hard and fast rules for life. Young people are prone to deception; they easily consent to what they are being told. They immediately believe what old people say because they want to believe in the myth of ‘old age knows it better’. Experience may lead you to see that issues that seem black and white are made up of shades of grey: Following your instinct can take you very far if you know how to follow it very well.

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