Being twenty-something and having the best fun of your life

It used to be people asking teenagers to have all the fun the world can offer. The universe moved in its orbit and it’s the twenty-somethings, who are in the prime time of their lives that are now asked to make the most of their post-teenage years.

However, as a twenty-somethinger, anytime you decide you want to have fun, that’s when some motivational speaker tells you: this is the beginning, get all the money, the education you can now. They never add: you can do all that and still have fun.

They are the kind of people who ask you to spend all your days in school reading all the books the world can offer, and fail to mention getting professional certificates in-between. Their focused uni-directional ideas usually achieve not as much as they paint it.

I mean, we could sell the ‘all work and no play makes Nkechi a dull girl’ narrative and not be misleading you. This is why we have listed a few things you could do in your twenties and be the fun girl/guy everyone turns their heads to look at – while also succeeding career-wise, in entrepreneurship or whatever endeavour has been chosen.

1. Be adventurous

Go on a power bike ride through towns. Walk on ropes through a forest. Go mountain climbing.

2. Party all night

Work all day to achieve those goals, rest and sleep well, but who’s to say you can’t break the rules on occasion? Go to a club, concert, or bar with your friends. Have a blast until the place turns yellow. Memories are made up of things like late nights with the people you care about most.

3. Take a risk

Aiming to achieve an audacious goal does carry a risk, but inaction guarantees regret. What’s it gonna be?

4. Enlighten yourself

Social media hinders this a lot. So, while others are buried in their smartphones, pick up books that will educate and inspire you. Seek enlightenment and you’ll be light-years ahead of the competition.

5. Change the script

If you still live where you grew up, chances are you are still with the same people you have been with for too long. Your actions are in part determined by the people you surround yourself with. Take an extended vacation to a new town (or country!) where you don’t know anybody. Expect to discover a lot about yourself when you’re out of your stomping grounds.

6. Don’t be the annoying ‘I am busy’ freak

Just because you’re “busy” doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing anything. Take an honest look at how you spend your day and eliminate anything beyond the essentials (and no, obsessively checking your inbox or Facebook feed isn’t essential).

7. Fall in love

Who says you are too young to find love? Indeed, love hurts, but so does loneliness. You’ve learned a lot about what you desire in a partner by now, so don’t be afraid to open yourself up to another person. Look at it like a roller coaster: yes, it is scary, but you are going to ride it anyway, right?

8. Sleep under the stars

Not in Nigeria where mosquitoes might make you rethink the idea? Well, not everywhere is insect-ridden you know. So, grab a bottle of wine, snuggle up under a cozy blanket, and enjoy the beauty. If you want to get frisky before you turn in for the night…No partner? Who needs a stinking partner? Lay down and think about how insignificant you are in the Grand Scheme of things. Wonder how many other people are staring at the very same constellations you are.

9. Take a road trip with your best friend or partner

Get outside of your comfort zone and go exploring. Going on an adventure with the person you care about most will help you grow closer together. Experiencing new things together will cause you to learn new things about each other, developing positive memories that will last a lifetime.

10. Find your passion

The early twenties are a confusing time when most of us don’t have much figured out. But as the years go by, you should grow a sense of purpose. Figure out what you want to be remembered for and make it happen.

Are you in your twenties? If so, please drop your Bucket List items in the comments. Have you already lived through your twenties? If so, feel free to offer your insight below.

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Omoruyi Omoleye

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  1. Bukola

    I haven’t even lives half of my twenties. I think it’s time to spice things up.

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