Here’s how to dress up for interviews and be valued differently

You probably have issues choosing which style you should go with for any occasion. And, when it is something like a dinner or an interview, you spend all day in front of your wardrobe and your mirror wondering how or why you are going through hard times for just clothes. But clothes are important. Who would argue that they aid to elevate your poise and sell you differently from others? This is why we have curated this list. Learn!

The Boss lady look

This choice of outfit to an interview actually works all the time. Get yourself a well-tailored dress, a pair of high heeled shoes, a bag that matches and voila! You are good to go.

Simple and Classy look

For this look, all you need is a pair of trousers or skirts, a very fashionable top coupled with a nice pair of shoes and Yes! you are good to go.

Executive look

This look is what we call the power look. Bold, Strong and classy. If you are interviewing for the role of an executive, this look would definitely work. A blazer is essential for this look because blazers have a way of giving your look a ‘superwoman’ feel.

Formal look

For a formal look, a buttoned-down shirt would be a great choice, combined with a nice pair of shoes.

Casual look

Gone are the days where women work outfits were restricted. Now, you can choose to dress down with a pair of sneakers or boots.

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Seyi Olaniyan

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