How to live your best life as a Nigeria Student

by Christiana Jayeoba

We all know, as a Nigerian student, how easy and exciting – or not – it may seem to get admitted to study in your institution of choice.

It is a mix of the good, bad and the ugly, and don’t forget how lost you’ll feel on your first arrival. But, here are some ways you can live your best life.

Unlearn everything you’ve learnt about school

Forget all the stories your older ones or parents told you. They probably had it good during their time and feel it should be like that during your time.

School changes and the techniques that once mattered no longer do. In their time, stress levels may not have been high and they may not have needed to stay up all through the night, all through the session to pass in flying colours. It is the system and it changes every time.

This is not your secondary school, a university is much harder and tougher to manage. So, you’ll need to be able to unlearn and relearn.

Make yourself indispensable to your lecturers

This cannot be overemphasised but it is a necessary arrangement. Take on roles, shoulder responsibilities. Be bold enough and most importantly, do not be afraid to say what you think.

Contrary to what movies portray, most lecturers actually begin to take notice of students who challenge them at every turn and ask the most difficult questions.

You can also be a class rep or an assistant.

Build your own timetable and work by it. Know your study pattern so you won’t be lost when exams come.

That way, you’ll get first-hand information to give to your mates and it increases your influence.

Get your own squad

Make friends with like-minded people whose focus align with yours. Make friends with people more intelligent than you so they can challenge you.

You also do not necessarily have to limit your circle to only intellectuals, you can have funny friends and crazy friends too. They make the best kind of friends.

Build a network

Interact with people, share your skills. Go out for campus press clubs and extracurriculars. Be active politically if you can handle it. By all means, be social. The network you build today is what will help you after school.

Just have fun

You only have one life so live it to the best. Enjoy yourself while learning, go out for dates and parties if you can balance it with your schedule. Be yourself and enjoy your self just keep a balance between your work and play moment.

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