Bolanle Banwo inspires a generation of women in tech and we are here for it


Sometimes, you wonder why the world should be having a feminist movement in the first place. But, when you remember the concepts ‘subjugation’, ‘inequality’, ‘stereotypes’, you know you will have to join the movement to stop patriarchy and all the other concepts used to categorise women as ‘Other’. Even more reason for a ‘we should all be feminists’ movement is the need to see that women like Omobolanle Banwo are upturning stereotypes and changing the conversation to ‘women are as good’.


Bolanle, the design advocate launched The Female Designer Movement in 2018 to raise the next generation of female designers and was featured on BBC Pidgin in March 2018. With her idea, over 1,500 women have been trained for free on graphic design in Nigeria and Liberia – targeting 50,000 women across Africa. Aside from that, she is the Lead Instructor at Geneza Brands. A design company focused on giving life to your ideas. 

She is recognised as that other individual who loves to tell compelling stories through creative designs and does it well. Interestingly, her work is centred on helping MSMEs create entrancing identities through captivating communication designs.

In April, Bolanle was listed on Wema Bank’s’s Women In Tech (Tech-Chicks) and you know she is a woman on a mission. She was also featured on The Guardian Newspaper, Women of Rubies, Business Day’s CEO Magazine and Channels Television where she talked about her design journey, her projects and the work she is doing to improve the design ecosystem in general.

Omobolanle is already a notable voice in Nigeria’s Design ecosystem, as she constantly gets invited to sit on panels in Tech conferences, to speak on design and the state of the industry. She is making a real difference, both in the trenches (as a trainer), and in the control unit (as an influencer and advocate).

In April, Bolanle was listed on Wema Bank’s

Her time is precious – we know right! – and is dedicated to helping as many women designers as she can find their feet in the Nigerian tech space, and we are inspired!

Check out @bolanlebanwo on Instagram.

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Omoruyi Omoleye

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