My work is unique and unchallenged | Food critic, Opeyemi Famakin sits with YellowLyfe on Nigeria’s food industry

We just want to eat!” That’s what many human beings say to people who want to talk about the food in front of them, criticise it, or redirect their food habits. So, if a food critic organised a seminar somewhere in Nigeria, the hall may eventually be begging for fewer seats.

That is the reality of a religiously conservative society like Nigeria – where God does everything; we are only actors.

But, for people like Opeyemi Famakin, food criticism – more like food journalism – is not an arguable professional field.

To start with, Opeyemi argues that what he does is unique and he is the biggest food critic Nigeria can boast of now. Why not? When you visit his social media pages and follow his activities, you know you have met a real-time food influencer.

In this chat with Opeyemi, YellowLyfe charts the food industry and what is in it for youngsters who may want to challenge Opeyemi, who is currently sitting comfortably as Nigeria’s Biggest Food and Wine Critic.

Watch full conversation below:

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Omoruyi Omoleye

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