‘Nigerians need to stop stereotyping’ | Toke sits with YellowLyfe to realign our thoughts on travel and cultures

Omotoke Fatoki (Alárìnká), call her the travel princess, has a lot to say on the travel industry in Nigeria and beyond. She is not one talking from inexperience – talk about the one person who has travelled the 36 states and the FCT is taking on the 774 local governments in Nigeria next.

Toke also highlights stereoptypes and how untrue some of those ideas are, asking Nigerians to erase untrue stories – passed on from generation to the other – about certain tribes.

She also says, ‘you don’t need all the money in the world to take that tour, to visit that place’.

You will want to watch this one. See full video below:

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Omoruyi Omoleye

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