The five shades of Ebuka’s #BBNaija season 5 outfits

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As the fifth Big Brother Naija season is coming to a close, we have decided to curate ‘The 5 shades of Ebuka’ that has left our mouths aghast.

Knowing Ebuka Obi- Uchendu – as a legend – you would agree that it would be quite impossible to talk about men’s fashion in Nigeria and not mention his name. This man has a way of always leaving us awestruck every single time he shows up on that stage, every eviction night. To rival Ebuka is to first spend years learning.

Do you know that if you plan to invite Ebuka to your event, you have to plead with him not to outshine you on that day because he always brings his A-game?

Picking the best outfit would be an almost impossible mission for us, as all his outfits have been a hit back to back. Instead, we decided to curate what we call, five shades of Ebuka.



Ebuka and Abgbada are like best friends that cannot be separated. Every time he shows up in an Agbada, you would have to do a double-take on him. He has practically revolutionised the Agbada game, and we can bet you have taken one of his Agbada looks to your designer. It is always simply avant-garde.


Purple!!!! You would agree with us that this is definitely not a colour many men would try to wear. I mean, who wears purple? Ebuka definitely does.


Here is another amazing piece by Vanskere. This lovely outfit just has a way of grabbing your attention. Talk about attractive simplicity.


People tend to see cultural outfits as unappealing and archaic, but definitely Ebuka would make you reconsider. Everything Ebuka wears turns to gold; Even if he wears a potato sack, he would make it look like a Givenchy outfit. He would make any unappealing outfit look so good and attractive.


Brown is a colour people tend to stay away from because it is believed to have a pale and dull effect but looking at Ebuka, I can bet you are thinking there is nothing pale about this look. We think so too and this is the effect Ebuka has on everything he wears. He wears the outfits and they dance to his classy tunes.

That’s our non-exhaustive list. Feel free to add yours to the list.

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