This is the Badagry chronicle you all have been avoiding

The City of Badagry in Lagos, Nigeria, is well known for its deep cultural heritage and its history with the slave trade. Founded in the late 1720s, Badagry was a quite notorious exporter of Nigerians and neighbours through the Atlantic Ocean to the New World.

YellowLyfe tours we took a trip down to Badagry to learn about its history and hangout. Talk about a wonderful as well as insightful experience – one which we have decided to share with you.

Below is a list of the top 5 places we visited.

1. Brazilian Barracoon

The Brazilian Barracoon also known as the slave museum was established in the 1980s during the slave trade era. It was the home of Seriki Abbas Williams, a slave who later became a slave trader. In the Barracoon, there are a total of 40 rooms that housed over 1000 slaves. We saw the chains that were used on the slaves and our tour guide also told us stories which were both emotional and gripping.

2. First Storey Building In Nigeria

The first storey building in Nigeria was completed in the year 1845. We learnt that the first teacher in Nigeria lived in the building for 23 years as well as Bishop Ajayi Crowther. We saw the first Yoruba Bible and English Bible which were about 172 and 174 years old respectively.

3. Point of No Return

This was the spot where kidnapped slaves last set their foot on African soil. It was reported that they had their hands and leg chained as they boarded the ship.

Seeing the POINT OF NO RETURN fixture was quite emotional for us as stories of how the slaves shed tears were told.

To get to the point of no return, one would have to charter a boat and it takes about 5 minutes to get there.

4. The Mobee Royal Family Slave Museum

This Museum is filled with lots of chains used by the slave traders to retrain slaves. We were showed the mouth lock used to clip their mouth together and an iron brand used to drill an hole in their lips.

5. The Agia Tree Monument

According to the tour guide, Christianity started in Nigeria under a tree in the year 1842.

The monument was built in 1992 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of that moment. A new Agia tree was planted in 2016, after the old one was uprooted by a storm in 1959.

It was a really fun trip and we concluded it by visiting Whispering Palms. For us, the trip was both didactic and relaxing. You should come with us next time 💛

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