Yellow is ‘lyfe’ and should be your top choice when shopping for wears

by Christiana Jayeoba

Yellow is absolutely invigorating. It stimulates our nerves, glands, and brain, making us more alert and energised. Yellow boosts our memory, and it encourages communication. It’s a colour that promotes activity and interaction.

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Yellow is associated with the sun and its life-giving warmth. It stands for caution and is used the world over for traffic signs. It is a colour of optimism and the cheerfulness of a sunny day.

Like the shining rays of the sun, yellow represents pure joy. And, on your skin? This is why we have listed reasons your attention should be on yellow when you go for your next shopping.

Yellow grabs attention

You may never go wrong with a yellow dress or a yellow top. It is a colour that calls for attention, especially when it’s a yellow top paired with a black or blue jeans. For those who like the quirky, crazy jeans can do the trick paired off with dark shades, and you’re making a bold fashion statement already.

Yellow is energetic

Yellow brings out a burst of energy that is often refreshing. It is often perceived as a high energy colour. So, having a yellow hoodie in your wardrobe can give you added kicks and energy which remains with you for the rest of the day. This energy can be pretty useful when going for a sport festival or a carnival.

Yellow is a happy colour

Yellow brings images of flowers and sunshine to one’s mind. Imagine wearing a short fitted yellow dress printed with flowers or patterns as an evening dinner wear. We know right! It passes off positive energy and warm feeling that evokes happiness and draw people your way.

Yellow represents vitality and optimism

Why it is extremely essential to own at least a yellow blouse or shirt in your wardrobe is because of the optimism and vitality it projects. If you have a presentation to attend and you’re feeling nervous, your yellow wear can instantly calm your mood and give your more reasons why you should be positive.

Yellow represents a willingness to grow

Going for an interview with your black shirt, black pants and a yellow lapel instantly sets off a boss look. You actually look like what you feel like and if it’s confidence all the way for you then it’ll certainly be brewing over. Your yellow lapel tells your prospective employers of your willingness to grow and learn. Coupled with your confidence, you’ll win them over.

Meanwhile, there are ways to match yellow shades with your skin tone:

  • Light to fair skin tone: Mustard and dark yellows will compliment your skin tone the best. Pastel yellow can work on you as well but always make sure it doesn’t wash you out.
  • Medium to olive skin tone: Stick to bright and vibrant yellows as these will make you glow!
  • Tan to black skin tone: Most shades of yellow colour will look amazing on you! 

Definitely after reading this, you’ll make a mental note of getting a few yellow apparels to add to your closet. Yellowlyfe Merch makes yellow as appetising as cold stone on a hot Sunday afternoon.

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