Tech Unwind 3.0- Techies Know How To Have Fun

Techies are no doubt known as the new face of innovation all over the world. Transforming different industries and building code and no-code infrastructures, techies are the new superheroes behind screens and with fancy gadgets.

As the saying goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Tech bros and tech Sis get to do such amazing, yet time-consuming work. Consequently, they hardly get to unwind and interact with other people. Therefore, YellowLyfe aims to expose techies to more ways to have fun with the Tech Unwind 3.0 experience.

On the 30th of April, 2023, Tech Unwind 3.0 experience lit up the Moist Beach Oniru. With over 400 people in attendance from different sectors, the techies set aside the technicalities, codes and VC talks to simply unwind with games and different activities.

Hence various partners like Audacia Properties, rida, Ibloov, and King of the Bull to mention a few on the third edition, the event is indeed gaining the spotlight and becoming a movement. According to the organizers, Tech Unwind 4.0 promises to be bigger and better in terms of experience and quality of people.

Here are some pictures from the event

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