‘Stop forming serious’, TikTok has outgrown its Gen Z stereotype

It is a suspect cycle: ignore it, mock it, then give in, leave it, then reconsider. That is how we use many social media platforms. Like most people, you probably tried TikTok and thought to go back to where you came from. After all, it’s mostly used by the teen circle and early twenties.

The average millennial is described as the one who loves the old stuff, loves to talk about how Harry Potter and Chucky made their childhoods better, how certain words should not leave our mouths and why old fashion should be reintroduced.

Sometimes, millennials think Gen Z have come to take over and fret over the little things Gen Z do. But, millennials need to know that it is not as though all of Gen Z is anti all millennials. They are even sometimes regarded as the biggest fans of millennials. Besides, every generation has its embarrassing stereotype.

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Hello Millennials, you are not the shiny new toy anymore and need to flow with the trends.

The online space makes millennials feel old most of the time. Social media makes it even worse. They – millennials – associate trends with whoever’s in their teenage years at the time they’re popular and tend to dislike same. This is how the social media app, TikTok, became the buddy of the Gen Z population, while millennials ignored it in its first days.

Many millennials thought it is an app for the young, the irresponsible, and the dancers who have enough time in their hands.


From the other side, Gen Zs think millennials do not know how to use the app.


But the truth is the app is now used by both millennials and Gen Zs. Millennials have passed the ‘ignore stage’ and have seen that TikTok ticks.

A large chunk of viral videos come straight from a single source: TikTok. The wildly popular micro-vlogging app is all the rage these days, as people from all over the world immerse themselves in the platform both to consume and create content.

The thing about TikTok is that it gives you the freedom to create anything and everything. Thought of something funny that you think has the potential to be the next “it” meme? TikTok it away. Remember a dance in a music video that has not become popular yet? create a trend. Want to show off your dancing skills? Open the app, create the video and wait for the love to roll in.

TikTok is a space that encourages creativity and a place where you can feel free to show off what you got, no matter how ridiculous you think it is. Also, TikTok is a growing community and notwithstanding your skin colour, gender, or sexuality, you will be part of that community if you use the app well.

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