Visiting Kano? See 9 places you can visit

Are you going to Kano this weekend and don’t know how to have all the fun you want? We are here to help you. Kano is an ancient city. So, apart from the fact that the city has many ancient structures and historical monuments, it has hangout spots to have the best experience for your […]

10 Hangout places in Lagos – you should visit

You may be resuming work but, it does mean that the fun stops. I could argue that the Christmas holiday is not over – well, technically. Besides the holidays, whether you’re a foreigner or a Nigerian looking to visit Lagos and have a fun time or relax, there are many fun places to hang out […]

Top 10 interesting restaurants in Abuja

Restaurants used to be just food centres but have grown to be experiential centres – more reason people go back and again to a restaurant they visit the first time, telling stories of their experiences along the way. And, thanks to the idea of growth, restaurants in Abuja have grown exponentially to cater to the […]

Top 10 restaurants in Port Harcourt

Restaurants in Port Harcourt really live up to expectations, and you may have to be strict with your decision or you end up eating and drinking all around Port Harcourt and not knowing when your tummy grows so big. But that is why we are here, to help you make one decision. These restaurants in […]