How to avoid heartbreaks and have a great relationship

by Christiana Jayeoba

Let’s us talk about the times nobody really wants to talk about, the moments you and I know about. Yes, our broken moments.

Once, twice or more in your life, you may have gotten your heart shattered, broken a few hearts or you may not even understand or know how it feels.

Indeed, falling in love makes you feel vulnerable but when you experience a break up, it feels like your world has ended and you begin to question all you did for the sake of love.

This tweet tells the story:

Love will fuck you up. You will cry and feel heartache over someone who’s not thinking about you but you won’t die, instead you’ll try it again because you’re an animal, an advanced animal.

Alexander Ferguson

Love makes you do crazy things. You’re ready to go all the way for the person you love just to prove your commitment to them, and so a break up comes as a shock mainly because you didn’t see it coming.

But a break up is not the end of the world.

No doubt we’re in the love season, Valentine’s Day just happened and everyone you know in a serious relationship got gifts and you got nothing more than “Happy Valentine” in your dm, and you’re wondering if you’re dating yourself.

You then start thinking of breaking up over trivial issues such as not getting valentine gifts. But should exchanging gifts and showing love be marked out for a special day alone?

Should Valentine’s day be one day or every day for you?

Love and relationships should not be given special days for expression from both partners, so don’t be swayed by the facts that your friends got gifts and you got nothing.

A break up can either break you or make you. It is your decision to choose which.

True, break up topics are usually the least talked about because most people suffer from the effects of breakup silently and never talk about it because they’re afraid of being judged by their friends or made fun of.

I mean, you and bae were the model couple. Everyone wanted a relationship such as yours, you were going 2 years and 3 months strong, how would you explain your break up story?

But you need to know that if you feel your partner has a flaw you cannot cope with or tolerate then, by all means, waka.

Don’t ever think they’ll change after marriage, that’s a big Iie. #Lori iro

It’s not easy breaking up but it’s a process that we all have to grow through sooner or later.

It is your way of dealing with it that helps you become a better person in the process.

The right person is always worth sacrificing a few wrong relationships for.

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