10 cute and Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner

Don’t you love even a little bit of romance? That is probably why we are usually hyperactive when Valentine’s Day approaches. There is a tradition of doing something extraordinary on Valentine’s Day. It’s funny, but it seems like February 14 comes with already prescribed gift ideas – dinner in a luxurious (most times overpriced) restaurant, beach hangout, beautiful love letter – or captions on social media, etc.

But, what if you want another kind of romantic valentine’s day gift?  Maybe something that’s not so common?

How about lunch at a garden, with candles blowing around you two, children singing beautiful songs, and a charcoal grill just by the side? Oh yes, we know you love that. But, we have other gift ideas.

Breakfast in bed

Nigerian men and women hardly know how romantic breakfast in bed is. It is Valentine’s Day. Start it in love and make the day an entire day of romance. Start by making the most beautiful breakfast your partner has ever imagined. For instance, fry plantain, egg, add sausage, sprinkle diced liver all over it and call it ‘Licking Fries’. Don’t forget sweet wine, with a note that reads, “Oh, I forgot how to hate after I met you.”

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Dine under the stars

The rains have started, so make sure you are not planning to be mercilessly beaten by rain that day. A little rain will do, though, just for the pictures. Find a perfect spot where the sky is clear so you two can enjoy the stars. Set up the romantic dinner table for two. Organise nice music. It could be ‘lawu lawu’ music so that you can show your dancing skills under the stars.

A bathtub date

Can you think of one thing that beats breakfast in bed? We can help you; it’s a candlelit evening in the bath. And what makes it even more perfect is to get a bathtub caddy tray and fill it with snacks, candy, and wine. Oh my! You have no idea until you try it.

Make a Gift Basket

Don’t be that boring partner, please. Create things like a gift basket with the favourite items of your partner. If your partner likes gadgets, this is an opportunity to buy those things for your partner. It could be a collection of your partner’s beer brands, nuts, etc. Not just random stuff you assume your partner likes.

Attend a class together

Go to that carpenter’s shop, a cooking academy, yoga, or something similar. It is fantastic when it’s done in two.  Having fun while learning new skills can be one of the extraordinary romantic gifts ideas. If you realise you liked the class, you can turn it into a weekly date night.

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Recreate your first date

This is for partners who have been together a while. It can be a super fun romantic gift for your partner to recreate your first date, especially if you have been together for some time.  You will both enjoy this lovey-dovey blast from the past. Just imagine reminiscing on what happened that first time.

Why I love you booklet

It does not have to be on social media, please. Don’t ‘tension’ us. Personalised Valentine’s Day gifts are good. Show your partner how much you love them by writing why they are relevant to you and watch them swoon. 

Plan a trip

Chocolates, flowers, dinner – yes, but up your game. Imagine enjoying just being together, without all the work stuff, and so on. It can be a weekend on the coast or a mountain cabin if you cannot take days off from work.  Do it, and you will see that this is one of the most romantic gift ideas.

All the pieces of your heart

This gift is personal, unique and affordable. Surprise your valentine with a puzzle made from your favourite picture of the two of you.

Treasure hunt

This says it’s for a husband, but it could be for a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Send your loved one on a fun treasure hunt ending just where you want them to!

Ermm…if you are not in love, these ideas are not for you.

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