10 Valentine’s Day treasures good for your friend

Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to lovers. If you’re single or not in the mood to celebrate love, why not gift your platonic friends? If they are true friends, it is unlikely they will break your heart, so it’s actually a wise investment.

See gift ideas below:

‘Friendship’ necklace

If your friend can’t stop quoting favourite names or making references to them, inscribe his/her favourite words on a necklace so it can be kept… near the heart. A necklace can be customised with any saying, including “Love sucks.”


We found a Jigsaw wristwatch you can buy for your friend. You know, to help them your friend always stick to schedules and remember you anytime the wristwatch is worn. We found one for guys and an Orla Keily for girls.

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Yeah, yeah, you think we no longer use pens and pencils to note events and plan activities, but we do actually. You will be surprised. This is why this gift is valuable.

Power bank

Power is still epileptic, even with all the promises and monies spent. This is why this gift is valuable. It tells your friend you want him/her to stay in touch. ‘Be online anytime I need to talk to you.’ We found where you can get one.

An antique stool

You know your friend like antiques and have not got a stool for this person? What kind of friend are you. Gifts that stay in sight for a long time are the kind you should be buying and a stool is one of them. It could act as a side table that helps the aesthetics of the room. We found one here.


A flask comes in handy when you cannot think of anything else. Flasks help people stay hydrated, so when you gift your friend one, you are saying you care about them. We found one that comes with two cups.


This treasure will help your friend think about you every day, especially when you customise it. But, even when you don’t, it still keeps you close to your friend’s eyes every other day. You want to get one? Check here.


True friends give the gift of cloud-like comfort. Your friend slips into a soft slippers and prays for you anytime that happens. A soft-comfort slippers relieves your friend of slippers that stress the toes before it gets in, or makes the heels hurt. Get one here.

Air Fryer

Help your friend with a stylish and versatile air fryer, preferred for fried meals without the need for fatty oils and grease. An air fryer is a small countertop convection oven designed to simulate deep frying without submerging the food in oil. You can buy it here.


Why not please? The sun is damn much around here. Help your friend’s eyes, keeping it protected from the sun. No more lockdowns and stay home orders. We can now go out – though ensure you are vaccinated and stay safe. Want one for your friend, check here.

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