9 travel safety tips for first-time travellers

You are most likely anxious the first time you want to do something new. It is the same with your travel experience. You have seen people go and return and tell amazing stories – their pictures and videos making you salivate and want to pack a bag and take the next available flight. But, don’t rush it. That country, that natural park, that mountain, those heritage sites are going nowhere.  

First put everything in place so you don’t return with bad stories, reason we have listed these travel safety tips.  

Have a travel Insurance 

Many travellers get too anxious that they always forget this. If you don’t already have it, you most definitely need it; safeguarding against lost luggage or cancelled flights can save you money in the long run and give you peace of mind. 

You don’t need all those gadgets  

For tech-savvy young people, it’s tempting to tote around every camera accessory possible, but in the case of electronics, less is more. You don’t need your huge digital camera on every excursion, and why is your laptop with you? Want to work during your free time? Use your phone to create memories and respond to those emails if they are totally necessary. Packing a bag full of electronics not only slows you down but also makes you an obvious target for lurking to snatch them up. With the exception of your phone, keep your electronics locked up in your hotel room’s valuables safe – or don’t take any on your trip! 

Keep your head up 

Don’t walk around like a lost stranger. No one is going to approach you to rob you if you are quick and alert. And, instead of staring down at Google Maps on your phone, you can plug in an earphone and listen to the voice guide you. You’ll take in more sights and be more aware of your surroundings. 

Be cautious at bars 

You can meet people – in fact, you should meet people when travelling, just be careful. Advertising that you’re in town on vacation makes you a bit more susceptible to being targeted than the next person. Watch your drink, and watch your bartender make your drink too; not everyone is trustworthy. 

Your money? 

Always keep small amounts of cash on hand, and keep copies of the fronts and backs of all of your ATM cards (as well as passports or IDs).  

Don’t go dressing in conspicuous clothing 

Try not to stand out; do some basic research as to what the locals generally wear. Men and women alike, though, should try to be as inconspicuous as possible when in an unfamiliar place. Blend in! You’re less likely to be targeted by pickpockets and potentially dangerous predators.  

Don’t let people distract you 

Pickpocketing is a thing; it really happens, especially in tourist hotspots. The innocent-looking woman or child shoving a sign or paper in your face is often an attempt to catch you off guard and grab your wallet. Don’t be vulnerable – if anyone suddenly approaches you, be mindful that it may be a ploy to quickly divert your attention. Keep valuables secure on your body at all times. 

Be health-conscious 

The weather in your home country may most likely not be the same as your travel destination. Keep in mind that most travel and health insurers do not cover medical fees internationally; although your insurance may reimburse you in the future, be prepared to front the cost of any potential hospital bills. 

Yes! Your country’s embassy information 

Your country’s embassy or consulate in foreign countries can be helpful in so many unexpected situations. Know their contact information and location.  

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