Discovering African Travels : Highlights from the African Adventure Agency Mixer Event

  In the vibrant heart of Nigeria, the travel industry recently witnessed an exciting convergence of esteemed personalities and rising stars in the travel industry at the African Adventure Agency Mixer Event. This gathering, hosted by African Adventure Agency, proved to be a celebration of the diverse tapestry of travel in Africa, showcasing the continent’s […]

The travel trends to watch in 2022

Many travellers and travel industry professionals are looking forward to brighter days in 2022. Here’s a glance at some of the travel trends to expect this year to help you plan accordingly. Back to nature, again Being outdoors was all the rage (and the only option) in the pre-vaccinated days of the pandemic in 2020. […]

7 amazing places to visit in Nigeria

You are probably tired of beaches, especially if you live in Lagos. Or clubs, or restaurants, or hotels. Good for you. There are places across Nigeria you can visit that show the natural beauty of nature, and are good hangouts spots. If you love to tell stories through pictures or texts, these places offer the […]

9 travel safety tips for first-time travellers

You are most likely anxious the first time you want to do something new. It is the same with your travel experience. You have seen people go and return and tell amazing stories – their pictures and videos making you salivate and want to pack a bag and take the next available flight. But, don’t rush it. That country, […]

Why you should practice self-care while travelling

Self-care is more than just working out and drinking clean water. Self-care is simply caring for yourself well – which entails doing something, anything, to maintain or improve your own mental or physical health. Why self care matters when you travel It is no news that you can experience a lapse in mental or physical […]

Apart from a budget, this is why you should travel with an open mind

Many people think of travel as an experience and rightly so. Saul D. Alinsky, Reveille for Radicals, aptly captures this thought: Life is an adventure of passion, risk, danger, laughter, beauty, love; a burning curiosity to go with the action to see what it is all about, to go search for a pattern of meaning, […]

Where can you travel to if you have a Covid vaccine?

Getaways are a must for many people but there’s still plenty of confusion over which countries you can visit and whether a vaccine passport will be required. Many countries rely on tourism to help their economy but opening their borders will increase the risk of transmitting Covid-19. That’s led to calls for a vaccine passport […]

Ten dangerously adventurous places in Africa you may want to visit

What is adventure to you? Visiting beaches, going to the most classy restaurants, be a regular at a club? If that’s you, for some others it is been able to say “I am proud of myself” at the end of the trip. It could be sky diving, mountain climbing, sliding through ice, walking on dangerously […]

These parks, wildlife parks, safaris and game reserves in Nigeria are the real deal

COVID-19 must have made you change your mind completely on travelling the world and doing exploits. Great idea staying home and stopping the spread of a virus that reset and remade our lives. But, just because we aren’t travelling as much as we’d like to right now, doesn’t mean we can’t experience our big, beautiful […]

Safety tips you must never forget when travelling

by Christiana Jayeoba Everyone loves to travel. The thrill of going around the world or to some unknown destination just for fun gives most people joy. Very few people hate travelling, but it is a necessary part of living because, sooner or later, we all change where we consider comfort zones. While it is the […]