It is not the dress that looks bad, you are missing something

by Christiana Jayeoba

There are definitely times when you tried out a dress that seemed nice on your favourite celebrity but you think it looked raggedy on you. It starts with you admiring the dress until you make an actual move to own it.

What is lacking you may wonder? Is it your shape? Is it your accessories?

Actually, it’s none of those. The problem, most often than not, is your self confidence.

There is a quote that says, “Wear your self confidence like a favorite spray.”

Self confidence is the final accessory lacking in our total outfit most times.

You wear a badass gown that gels to your curves and brings out your colour but you don’t feel confident enough to wear it because you’ve never worn anything like that before.

You dress so smartly in a tuxedo that is your ideal colour and you battle with doubts about whether you look good or not.

If only we can all stop with the doubts and actually go on to believe that first voice of reason that tells us we look good.

Deep down, you know you look good but you will still ask around just to be perfectly sure you are not going out looking like a clown. And, we all know how it ends once a bad comment passes through your ears. Your already shaky confidence plummets like a diver and you begin to doubt.

Own your clothes.

You can wear your humble clothes and walk with such confidence that people will yearn to wear the same clothes you’re wearing.

It’s not the clothes.

It is your confidence level. Be bold!

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