Y2K fashion is returning and is bigger this time

As a young chap in the early 2000s, I will look at fashionable people and envy them. The styles of that era were epic enough to show adult sophistication and confidence, and I was not in that space. I could not imagine myself in any of the styles as they were not usually parent-approved or […]

12 top fashion tendencies of 2022

Following the fashion weirdness of 2020-2021 trends – fashion tendencies of 2022 are expected to bring some fashion freedom you may never expect. For decades, the ‘latest’ fashion trends were gathered from runways and fashion magazines. These days, social media, youth pop culture, streetwear styles, and celebrities influence the trends with unique ajasa styles. In a sense, […]

It is not the dress that looks bad, you are missing something

by Christiana Jayeoba There are definitely times when you tried out a dress that seemed nice on your favourite celebrity but you think it looked raggedy on you. It starts with you admiring the dress until you make an actual move to own it. What is lacking you may wonder? Is it your shape? Is […]

Does wearing a red dress make you evil?

by Christiana Jayeoba Black and red may just be the most sinister colours in Western cultures, as red tell stories of blood or anger, and black is darkness or death. Being a very visually striking combination, they can also convey a sense of power. Together, they give the impression of burning coal or wood, i.e. “fire […]