Safety tips you must never forget when travelling

by Christiana Jayeoba

Everyone loves to travel. The thrill of going around the world or to some unknown destination just for fun gives most people joy. Very few people hate travelling, but it is a necessary part of living because, sooner or later, we all change where we consider comfort zones. While it is the dream of most Nigerians to travel out, here are some very important information you must always bear in mind when travelling.

Keep emergency contact details on hand

Never travel without having the mobile phone number of a friend or family member. No one will want negative events, but it is best to take precautions like this. So it will be easier to reach a family member if you are in a difficult situation or something goes wrong.

Be aware of common travelling scams

Believe it or not, there are a lot of them. Some will just walk up to you and give you a fabricated story of how they were travelling and were waylaid by robbers who took everything on them; probably all in a bid to make you give them money. Don’t fall for scammers, they are everywhere and they are really smart.

Lock away anything valuable

If you’re planning to use a hotel through your trip, ensure that your accommodation has secure options for you to lock your belongings in, or get a padlock and key yourself and lock everything up.

Be careful with the Information you share with other people

A lot of people have made it a habit, as open as they can get on social media, to reveal details about themselves once they are travelling, even up to the colour of the bus they’ll be going in. While it’s cool to do that, it’s not advisable. Not everyone has your best interest at heart and while some people will congratulate you, some will make you a target for robbery.

Be mindful of your choice of clothing

If you’re going to an unfamiliar place or country, ensure to dress down. Do not wear clothes that’ll make you stick out like a sore thumb. Or rather like a tourist lost in a destination. The less of a visitor you look, the less attention you’ll attract from the wrong people.

Blend in with the locals, don’t be too extravagant or flashy.

Most importantly, have fun. Do not let all these tips make you uncomfortable and feel that probably you’ll have to change your plans or something.

Travelling is really fun and it’s even more fun when you’re with your friends, family or your partner. Safety is just important as well as fun, so make sure you keep safe always.

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